Frequently Asked Questions

Before you use our order form to send your order for your custom tuning machines, here are a few points to help make your purchase a little easier.

Tuning Ratio
Sperzel Tuning Machines feature a 12:1 ratio.
7 & 8 String Sets
We are pleased to offer you tuners with the configuration you need for your guitar.
  • Available Now!
  • Trim-Lok graduated or non-graduated post heights
  • Choice of string hole sizes: .078 or .085
Required Holes
In order to mount Sperzel Tuning Keys on your guitar you will need hole sizes of 10mm or 25/64"
6 in line vs. 3x3
6 in line tuners have staggered post heights to eliminate the need for a string tree.
  • Short Post — high E & B strings
  • Medium Post — G & D strings
  • Tall Post — A & Low E strings
3x3 tuners are one post height.

Please note that 3x3 and 6 in inline are NOT interchangeable and you MUST order the correct set for your headstock.

  • our #2 button is the most popular on 3x3 sets
  • our #5 button is the most popular on 6 in line sets
Reversible Tuners
You can Reverse Sperzel Tuners and Our Bass tuners. See our Youtube videos on how to reverse Sperzel tuners and as of 2014 you can also reverse our Bass tuners.
Can you take a 6 in line set and make it 3x3?
We do not recommend doing this because most 6in line sets come with staggered post And the short post we have to much down pull at the nut , also most 3x3 have Tilt back head stocks.
Staggered Post vs. All one Post Height
We make Staggered Post sets for FLAT style headstocks ie, Fender type guitars. With the staggered post there is no need for the use of string trees that deaden string vibration and better down pull at the nut. All one post height sets are made for ALL TILT back head 3x3 or 6 in line ie. Gibson, ESP etc. it is important to EXPLAIN this when ordering tuners. Exceptions custom builders can order special configurations.

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